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Workplace Elemental Technologies represents and distributes a portfolio of innovative, clean and sustainable technologies that improve the health, safety and operational efficiency of buildings.

The first W.E.T. technology is ActivePure® and it is quite literally a game changer. Born out of the US Space Program, ActivePure® is a unique, patented Air and Surface Disinfection solution that continuously cleans and protects both air AND surfaces 24 hours a day. ActivePure® is engineered and designed in the United States and has been scientifically proven to control a wide range of bacteria, viruses, VOCs and other airborne contaminants – including, notably, Covid-19.

W.E.T. also welcomed FluidLytix and their patented WAVE™ 3-in-1 Water Efficiency System into our portfolio of technologies. This unique water efficiency valve is used in commercial applications for high-use customers like hospitals/health care, hotels, health clubs, car washes, universities, restaurants, multi-family communities, breweries, grocery stores, food & beverage processing, and more. Virtually any company that uses water as an integral part of its operations and wants to save on their water bills can take advantage of this technology.

The WAVE™performs two key functions:

· Compressible Flow Valve. Compresses the accumulated air in the water line, reducing the volume of air prior to flowing through the water meter. The result is an average of 20% savings on water usage

· Pressure-Reducing Valve. Reduces water pressure to reduce water usage by 2% to 5%


Hydroxyl Blaster (10,000-20,000 sq. ft)
Beyond Guardian Air (up to 3,000 sq. ft, incl. HEPA+ filtration)
Pure & Clean (up to 3,000 sq. ft, incl. HEPA filtration)
Aerus Mobile (up to 500 sq. ft, intended for commuters, travelers)
AP 500 (up to 500 sq. ft, plugs into 120v outlet)

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