Faye Passanisi, Author PORT BLISS, Speaker

Faye Passanisi, Author PORT BLISS, Speaker


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PORT BLISS is the writing debut for Faye Passanisi. Having lived all her life in Gloucester, MA, the oldest seaport in America, Faye was invited to co-write PORT BLISS, although she was never a reader due to a mild learning disability. The story behind PORT BLISS and how she came to write is quite remarkable in itself.

Although the setting is a 30-day commercial shrimping trip, it is really all about the journey. This fiction novel, published by Simon & Schuster, is for anyone who has ever asked, ''Why God, why me?'' In the pages of PORT BLISS, you can expect to find sea tragedy, personal loss, romance, adventure, a little mystery, and suspense as well as some historical accounts and actual history-making events with a measure of strong moral values woven throughout.

The sea holds her secrets deep and dark in the very depths of her soul. Get your life jackets on, batten down the hatches, hold on for the ride of your life that you won't even see coming until it washes your wheelhouse windows in a most unexpected way!


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