Engineering Technician - Intermediate

Posted: 01/19/2023

Successful candidate will perform machine testing and maintenance on Ion Implanters and RF Plasma Systems. Candidate must take direction from management staff (Physicists and Engineers) and be able to independently provide expertise to accomplish assigned tasks. Knowledge of Ion implanters and RF plasma systems is desirable. Must have the ability to communicate effectively and interact with a diverse project team to collect, compile, maintain and interpret data and test results accurately. 

Key Responsibilities
• Assist engineers and scientists as they create, modify, and test Ion implanters and RF plasma systems. Inspect products and processes for flaws and identify and communicate areas for improvement. Conduct tests and collect data.
• Work with teams (Manufacturing, Quality, Reliability, Design, etc.) to solve problems arising from product anomalies, engineering evaluations, and new product development.
• Ability to work from schematics, diagrams, written or verbal instruction, layouts or plans to perform testing and troubleshooting.
• Maintain logbooks and test procedure documentation utilizing good writing skills.
• Problem solver who can apply scientific methods efficiently to generate results.
• Ability to identify specification issues with an eye for technical accuracy and thoroughness.
• Observe all safety standards. Actively strive to work safely to prevent accidents and injuries.

The candidate should possess the following traits:
• Positive Attitude
• Strong Work Ethic
• Good Communication Skills
• Problem-Solving Skills
• Team Player
• Ability to Accept and Learn from Criticism
• Flexibility/Adaptability
• Works Well Under Pressure

Associate's Degree
Years of Experience:
2 - 4 Years